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Weinkauf Takes Mid-Season Checkers

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on June 23rd, 2007

By Mary Langreck

June 23, 2007; Marshfield, WI: – The TJ’s Auto & 8th Street Auto of WI Rapids Mid-Season Championships proved to be an exciting night at the races. Chris Weinkauf not only topped the super late feature but was also the fast timer. After weeks of taking second in qualifying, Rick Grunden earned the fast timer honors of the super stock division. The 4-Cylinder Bill Dunow Memorial fast time award was again earned by Jeremiah Strauss. The pure stock division events were again swept by Kyle Genett.

The CarQuest super late model feature began with the fastest cars at the back of the field. The first four laps of the race were led by Cale Laessig in a borrowed machine from John Totzke Jr, as his motor blew only two day before. Neil Knoblock pressured Laessig for that lead until he pulled ahead on the fifth lap. Fast timer Chris Weinkauf raced his way to the front in short order, but the top few positions proved harder to overtake. Weinkauf working towards the lead, contended with Eugene Gregorich Jr for a few laps over second place, while Jeff Weinfurter and Ben Pettis fought for the last two top five spots. Weinkauf moved to the outside groove and began to pull away from Gregorich. It would be an eight lap battle to steal the lead away from Knoblock. With only six laps remaining, Gregorich passed Knoblock for second, and would work towards that lead. Weinkauf continuing to run that outside groove, proved to be faster, and sailed for the win, taking home his Krings Motorsports of Arpin, feature win award. Gregorich second, Knoblock third, Weinfurter fourth and Pettis fifth.

Chad Scholl drove out into the lead of the CarQuest super stock feature, from his pole position start. Randy Emmerich was hot on his heels, until he began a battle with Adam Krzykowski and then Rick Grunden. Behind Grunden, Travis Zvolena and Mike Gwidt raced for the fourth spot. Brian Back was on a mission and up to fourth before he was forced to pit due to a flat left rear tire. At the half-way point, Grunden passed Emmerich and set his sites on the lead. A battle ensued for the lead between Scholl and Grunden. For five laps Grunden worked the outside groove to take away the lead. As the two came out of turn four they made contact, causing both to spin, sending Scholl into the wall, and forced to pit. Zvolena assumed the lead for the restart. Gwidt pulled up into second, Mark Langreck third, Emmerich fourth and Grunden back up to fifth. Grunden raced the outside to try and take away fourth from Langreck, but to no avail. Zvolena won, earning the Beway Race Products feature win award and the RZ Builders bonus pay. Gwidt second, Emmerich third, Langreck fourth and Grunden fifth.

The first four laps of the 4-cylinder feature were led by Kevin Eckes. The next seven laps were led by Steve Hauser. A caution on lap ten tightened up the field for the re-start. JJ Flick made his move for the lead with four to go. Derk Hauser, Steve’s son, was right there to take away second. Ricky Brandl, who started mid-pack, gained a position on the restart, taking over third. Kyle Opelt, started 14th due to winning the feature last week, also gained on the re-start, breaking into the top five. At the white flag, Opelt passed Steve Hauser for fourth. Flick won the feature and the Westside Service of Auburndale award. Derk Hauser second, Brandl third, Opelt fourth and Steve Hauser fifth.

The pure stock feature lap one was led by Ryan Mork. Gary Haarklau took charge of the field for the next three laps, until Kyle Genett drove past him for the lead. Genett led the final eight laps for the win. Mork made his pass on Haarklau stick at the checkered to earn second, Haarklau third and Coletta Gomes fourth.

The Mid-Season points trophies sponsored by Beway Race Products were earned by a combination of points tonight during qualifying, heat and feature. Chris Weinkauf earned first in the super lates, Eugene Gregorich Jr second and Neil Knoblock third. The super stock trophies were awarded to Travis Zvolena, Randy Emmerich and Mike Gwidt, respectively. Kyle Opelt took first in the 4-cylinder mid-season points, JJ Flick second and Ricky Brandl third. Kyle Genett’s clean sweep won him the pure stock trophy, Ryan Mork second and Coletta Gomes third.

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