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Weinkauf’s Excite Marshfield Fans in SLM Showdown! Reffner, Wilhorn, & Anderson Score Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on June 23rd, 2009

It was a beautiful day for racing Saturday night as the brothers Weinkauf battled for supremacy on a night that was special for the kids! Not only did we have close/exciting racing all evening, we also had kids bike races and kids stock car rides, here tonight, on George’s Empty Pockets night at the races. A special thanks to Selk Electronics, Jason Weinkauf, Jay VanDerGeest Cattle, Norman Electric, Mark Shafranski Blacktop, Chris Weinkauf, and Earth Inc. for providing bikes for the children. Also, special thanks goes out to Rory and Karen Melbinger for donating the trophies for the bike participants.

Starting the night off on a good note, posting fast qualifying laps in their respective division was Chris Weinkauf, Colin Reffner, Jeremiah Strauss, and Shawn Carpenter.

Leading the way to the start/finish line in the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model feature event was Fox Valley ace Travis Stebane and Marshfield veteran Rory Melbinger. Melbinger quckly powered by Stebane on the first lap. Stebane, whom of which had a bad crash at Kaukauna a few weeks back, is still working out the bugs in his hot rod. Melbinger led the way for the first four laps, that was when Merrill’s Jason Weinkauf took over the point. Jay VanDerGeest and Melbinger battled hard for the runnerup spot. Chris Weinkauf motored by VanDerGeest and Melbinger on lap 10 setting his sights on his brother, Jason. It appeared that Chris wasn’t going to be able to challenge his brother, Jason Weinkauf as he built up a sizeable lead. However, fate was on Chris’ side as Parker May brought out the only caution on lap 17 of the 25 lap event. This tightened the field and with the remaining laps, the brother Weinkauf’s had the fans on the edge of their seats. The two brothers battled side by side for the remain 7 laps. Going down the backstretch on the final lap, it appeared Jason had a bit more power, however, Chris outbreaked Jason gaining a small advantage in the middle of turns 3 and 4. Exiting turn 4, Chris slipped slightly creating some contact with his brother slowing Jason’s momentum. The two brothers had a drag race to the finish with Chris ousting his brother by a mere two feet. Having a great run finishing second was Jay VanDerGeest. Marshfield’s Elliott Weiler and Kaukauna’s Travis Stebane rounded out the top five.

The D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks put on, yet another, great show. Leading the way to the start was John Kasboski and Aaron Anderson. Anderson quickly dispensed of Kasboski with Erin Schlough following Anderson to the front. Schlough, a rookie in the division, powered by Anderson exiting turn two on the event’s third lap. Schlough, who has been very impressive thus far this season, would lead the next 7 laps. That was when rookie sensation Colin Reffner took over the top spot. Reffner, the current point leader wasn’t looking back. It appeared that the best race on the track was that for the second position. Erin Schlough had it, and Mark Langreck wanted it! Langreck eventually worked past the machine of Schlough. With Reffner coasting to another feature win, Langreck put his race car in the second spot. Following Schlough to the finish line and finishing fourth and fifth respectively, was that of Ryan Hinner and Adam Eckes.

In what has to be the most competitive division at the speedway, the 4-Cylinders put on another great show for the Marshfield faithful. Peter Bell and Mike Frankwick took the green flag from starter Patrick Barrett, starting the 20-lap main event. Most eyes were on the group that was mid-pack. The likes of Don Dunow, Wayne Elmhorst, Steve Hauser, and Randal Wilhorn were battling sometimes 3 and 4 wide. Sitting back watching the 3 and 4 wide racing was point leader and fast qualifier Jeremiah Strauss. Strauss, looking to advance, had no where to go because of the exciting racing action in front of him. Making some exciting inside and outside passing, and working his way to the front, was that of Randal Wilhorn. Wilhorn was having the race of his life as it appeared tonight was going to be his night. He crossed the finishline first with a gaggle of cars hot on his heels. Having great runs tonight was last week’s feature winner Derk Hauser, heat winner Ron Sischo, point leader Strauss, and Don Dunow. If you folks haven’t seen this group of racers race, it is truly a treat. If you want to see three and four wide clean racing, this is the group to watch as they have much respect for each other!

Finishing off the racing action tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway, was that of the very popular Junkyard Warriors. Runnerup in the current point standings driver Chad Kaser set the early pace. Behind a fast Kaser was a great battle brewing as Gary Haarklau, Sam Sudduth and Kyle Rasmussen battled hard for the runnerup position. Behind these gents was another battle brewing, Tim Anderson and Shawn Carpenter were looking to advance their positions. Working his way to the lead briefly was that of Auburndale’s Sam Sudduth. Sudduth’s lead was brief however as Tim Anderson made the inside pass for the lead. Anderson made most of his passes on the inside as his car appeared to stick well to the bottom of the track. Carpenter and Rasmussen made some last lap attempts at Anderson, but it was Anderson’s night crossing the finishline first. Carpenter and Rasmussen finished second and third respectively.

Next week, will be the Mid-Season Championships. The Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Models will be racing two feature 25-lap feature events sponsored by the Yellow River Racing Series. The first feature lineup will be set by qualifying, with the second feature’s starting positions set by a total invert of the finishing order of feature number one. Along with all the other great giveaways at intermission, Insane fireworks is giving away a fireworks package valued at over $200!

On July 4th, we will be having our second Eve of Devastation. Fireworks, Bus Races, Monster Truck Rides, Trailer Races, Demolition Derby, among other fabulous exciting events! July 11th will be the Kim Parsons Memorial race. There will be a 50-lap SLM feature event held in Kim’s memory with some of the best drivers in the Midwest competing. This should provide a great night of racing and much family fun for our fans! Visit us online at Have a great week with your family and we’ll see you next week for the Mid-Season Championship races!