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Zehr, Reffner, Hauser, Anderson, Gomes, Berg & Berg Nail Down Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 6th, 2010

Fairchild, WI; September 4, 2010 – Fans were treated to some great racing on a somewhat chilly season championship night at the races, here Saturday night.

With all divisions competing, and most still battling for championships, it was sure to be a special night for the race fans.  When the Super Late Models took to the track in their 35-lap feature event, a pair of #29’s, Ronnie Rihn & Chad Selk led the way.  As Selk and Rihn ran in the first two spots, Elk Mound, WI driver Ben Pettis worked his way to the inside of Mark Eswein for the third spot.  Two laps later, Pettis, racing in the Redline Speedsports #7-11, made the move past “Rookie of the Year” Ronnie Rihn for the runner up spot.  Selk, who has been extremely fast all year, had built up a 10-car length lead.  It appeared Pettis was cutting into the lead that Selk earned, but it was status quo for numerous laps.  At Jason Weinkauf and Dalton Zehr battled side by side for numerous laps, maybe the best race of the night was Mark Eswein and Ben Pettis for the third spot.  The two veteran drivers ran side by side for 20 laps.  With 10 laps remaining, lap traffic was going to be a concern as the gentlemen drivers of Eswein and Pettis were fast approaching the lapped car of Jack Greenwood.  In the center of corners 3&4, Eswein gained the advantage as Pettis was forced into the third groove by the lap car, and Eswein moved through the middle to gain the third position.  By this time, it was noticeable that Dalton Zehr was cutting into Selk’s lead.  With 2 laps remaining, Zehr pulled up onto the back bumper of Selk. After the drivers received the white flag indicating one lap to go, Zehr started looking to the outside of Selk.  Going down the backstretch, the Zehr charged to the outside of Selk.  The two drivers were side by side entering turn 3, and as they came to the checkered flag, Zehr out powered Selk down the front stretch as the two drivers made contact with each other, and Zehr took the checkered flag as he crossed the finish line sideways. With Selk finishing second, Mark Eswein, Ben Pettis, and Jason Weinkauf came home third through fifth respectively. 

The D&D Amusement Games Super Stocks entered the track for their 25-lap feature event and it was Marv Flick and Ryan Hinner leading the pack to the green flag.  Hinner was able to work his way past Flick for the race lead.  As Hinner was building a lead, Mark Langreck worked his way past Flick for the runner up spot.  Deeper in the field, Colin Reffner was showing his talent as he worked his way past Ernie Schlough and Greg Back.  With Hinner riding out front, Reffner moved past Langreck for the second position.  As the drivers crossed the line on the seventh lap, Reffner edged his way past Hinner for the top spot.  Two laps later, Greg Back driving the Matt Raykowski number 6 machine, worked his way to the runner up spot.  Back, who earlier in the day won the fast heat, appeared to maybe have something for the very fast Reffner machine.  Winning the previous two feature events and looking to make it three in a row was “Rookie of the Year” driver Randall Wilhorn.  Wilhorn, who started shotgun on the field, worked his way to the third spot by lap-11.  With track champion Michael Gwidt working his way to the fourth spot, and Ernie Schlough working his way to a top five spot, it was status quo the remainder of the feature event.  Young Colin Reffner cruised to the win on season championship night at the races.  With Greg Back and Randall Wilhorn coming home in second and third, Michael Gwidt and Ernie Schlough completed the top five.

The always exciting 4-Cylinders took to the track and Eau Claire, WI driver Paul Berg gained the early advantage.  Winning his heat earlier in the evening, Berg appeared to be on autopilot as he was enjoying a sizable lead.  Working his way towards the front from his mid pack starting spot was Steve Hauser.  Hauser, who all year has been in a tight battle with his son Derk, has been the fastest driver the second half of the season.  With Paul Berg continuing to lead, Steve Hauser raced his way past Ernie Schlough for the second spot.  A couple laps later, Steve Hauser was able to work his way past Berg for the top spot.  With six laps remaining, fast qualifier Derk Hauser raced past Berg for the runner up position.  However, once the gentlemen drivers crossed the finish line, it was all Steve Hauser as he cruised to another feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  With Derk Hauser wrapping up the season championship title with his second place finish, Paul Berg came home in third.  Rounding out the top five positions in the 4-cylinder feature were fast heat winner Don Dunnow and last week’s feature winner, Dennis Goetsch.

The racing division that has become very popular in recent months is that of the Bandits!  With point leader and fast qualifier Harry Bell looking to notch a feature win, many other drivers were going to have their say in that matter.  Heat winner David Harvath led the field to the green flag.  At the completion of the first lap, Kevin Burris drove his way to the front from his sixth starting position.  With Burris enjoying a lead, Tim Anderson raced his way to the second spot and started to close in on a very fast Burris.  With two laps remaining, Anderson cleared the machine of Burris for the top spot.  Once the drivers received the checkered flag from starter Patrick Barrett, it was Anderson, Burris, and Harry Bell, the top three finishers.  Rounding out the top five was Matt Phelps and David Harvath. 

Maybe the best race of the night appeared within the Junkyard Warrior Division.  Coletta Gomes, who earlier in the evening took the checkers in the heat race, led the field to the green flag.  Receiving much pressure from fast qualifier and point leader Gary Haarklau, Gomes was able to fend off all challenges early on in the feature event.  As Gomes and Haarklau battled side by side, Charlie Nickel worked his way to third and started to put heavy pressure on Gomes and Haarklau.  Several times the top three drivers ran 3-wide for position.  Once the drivers received the white flag, they were still 3-wide for position.  As the drivers drove down the backstretch, they were still 3-wide.  Exiting turn 4 and coming to the checkered flag, Charlie Nickel give it his all, but the Chili, WI driver came up short by a mere 2 feet as Coletta Gomes collected another feature win.  Gary Haarklau finished a car length back in the third position.  Marc Baldwin and Justin Baldwin finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Finishing off a great night of racing was the always exciting, Cruisers.  Leading the pack to the green flag was the team of Weber & Wolf.  Quickly taking the lead in the 12-lap feature event was Ciesielski & Rodriguiz.  Ciesielski & Rodriguiz led for three laps, that were when Berg & Berg took over the helm.  Berg & Berg, in their high-powered cruiser, dominated the field to the checkered flag.  Ciesielski & Rodriguiz came home in the second spot with Kuhn & VanStedum coming home in the third spot.  With Weber & Wolf finishing fourth, Kalata & McIntee finished fifth.

Next weekend, Marshfield Motor Speedway will host the Annual Fall Shootout that will begin with Friday’s practice session and race party in the Speedway Bar.  Saturday, Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Click Club USA Legends, Bandits, Motorcycles, Junkyard Warriors and Cruisers will be competing.  On Sunday, the Yellow River Racing Series Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Sportsman, Midwest Modified, 4-Cylinders, and Pure Stocks will be competing.  Please check our website for further updates.