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Zeidler Cruises to Fall Spectacular Motorcycle Win

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 18th, 2009

Story written by:  Woody Eckes

September 15, 2009; Marshfield, WI: – Eight two wheeled warriors blasted out some fast laps on the MMS blacktop today. Lee Johnson of Big Flats, WI timed in with the fastest lap at 21.28 seconds on the half mile paved oval. In the six-lap motorcycle heat, rocket starter Bobby Fedrowitz blazed away off the line to the early lead, only to fall to a blistering attack by Ringle, WI rider, Mark Zeidler. Fedrowitz shadowed Zeidler’s every move waiting for a mistake, while Lee Johnson and Cliff Eckes followed in their draft.


In the ten lap feature event, again, it was Bobby Fedrowitz controlling the start. However, it was Zeidler who swept past coming out of turn two to assume the lead. The front four, Zeidler, Fedrowitz, Eckes, and Johnson inched away from the rest of the pack to settle the top spots. Fedrowitz came under attack for the second spot from both Eckes and Johnson. Being relegated back to fourth, Fedrowitz put in a mighty effort to retake his position, however, he lost traction coming out of turn two and slid sideways off the racing line. Once Fedrowitz regained traction, his vision was on Lee Johnson for the third position. Meanwhile, Cliff Eckes was stalking the leader Mark Zeidler, and reeled him in as Zeidler’s tires started to go away. Closer and closer with each corner, Eckes perched his nose on Zeidler’s rear wheel, taking his last shot at passing a very fast Zeidler. Entering turn three on the last lap, Zeidler went low and Eckes the high side; Eckes then swooped to the low end coming out of turn four in a mad dash to the checkers. Scant inches were the margin of victory as Mark Zeidler held off a hard charging Cliff Eckes for the win!


Heat Results:

  1. Mark Zeidler
  2. Bobby Fedrowitz
  3. Lee Johnson
  4. Cliff Eckes
  5. Craig Lewis
  6. Woody Eckes
  7. Ted Strebe


Feature Results:

  1. Mark Zeidler, Honda
  2. Cliff Eckes, Yamaha
  3. Lee Johnson, Yamaha
  4. Bobby Fedrowitz, Honda
  5. Woody Eckes, Yamaha
  6. Craig Lewis, Yahmaha
  7. Ted Strebe, Yamaha
  8. Mark Wills, Honda